20 Year Reunion Photos, October 9-11, 1998
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and/or maiden names (for familiarity) of those in the picture.

Northside Stadium 1- Hunt, Trinidad, O'Connor, Tarazon
Northside Stadium 2- Rogers, Richards, Douglas
Northside Stadium 3- Bemrich, Schwartz, Smithson, Hunter
Northside Stadium 4- Hollingsworth, Shepard, Smithson
Northside Stadium 5- Smith, Oefinger, Boker
Northside Stadium 6- Salazar, O'Grady
Northside Stadium 7- Boker, Trinidad, Bass
Northside Stadium 8- Reina, O'Connor
Northside Stadium 9- Reina, O'Connor, Reyes, Trinidad
Northside Stadium 10- Tarte, Helms, Gillinger
Northside Stadium 11- Marquez, Malkemus
Northside Stadium 12- O'Grady, Malkemus
Doubletree Hotel 1- Hall, Hollingsworth
Doubletree Hotel 2- Eller, Hall
Doubletree Hotel 3- Hollingsworth, Bass, Johnson, Lane, O'Grady
Doubletree Hotel 4- Kasavage, Knight, Vosburg
Doubletree Hotel 5- O'Grady, Eller
Doubletree Hotel 6- Smithson, Sheffield
Doubletree Hotel 7- Garza, Canales
Doubletree Hotel 8- Reichert, Hamm, Majors
Doubletree Hotel 9- Henderson, Hollingsworth
Brackenridge Park 1- Whipple
Brackenridge Park 2- Tober, Rivera, Rogers
Brackenridge Park 3- Gaylord, Soukup
Brackenridge Park 4- Rogers, Daniels
Brackenridge Park 5- Group
Brackenridge Park 6- Kids
Brackenridge Park 7- More Kids
Brackenridge Park 8- Villalobos, Trinidad
Brackenridge Park 9- Collins
Brackenridge Park 10- O'Grady, Camarillo
Brackenridge Park 11- Fine