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Mr. Dan Schreiber, band director at John Jay for 24 years, was killed when
his plane went down near Blanco, Texas. Details can be found here.

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Analiese Espurvoa, Class of '78 (updated email)
  Analiese Espurvoa in 1978, still in San Antonio,  happily married 22 years in November to Daniel Rodriguez. I have 3 great kids Amanda 20, DJ 18 and Jessica 14. The 2 oldest went to John Jay, my daughter Amanda was in the band. It was great to see her on the football field like her mom. We moved out towards Castroville and they graduated from Medina Valley in 2001 and 2002. Any old Pep Squad members of the "Squad of 1978" (and you know who you are!) send me a line and lets catch up. Can't wait for the 25 year reunion, the 20th was great.

James Hernandez, Class of '78
Hello John Jay Class of 1978,
How are you doing? I am sorry I did not attend the 30th anniversary reunion. I am blessed with being a married to Kim Ingle and she is disabled. She had a bad weekend the weekend of the reunion. We have been married 15 years and no children, but 8 toy poodles. I have been in touch with some of you through Chirstmas cards and I will still be in touch. I enjoyed the pictures of the reunion and I thought to myself "my God have I changed that much!" I live in the country near a town of Manor, Texas, which is near Austin, Texas some 13 miles away. I live around 2.4 acreas and $25,000.00 to finish paying off the mortgage. I was in accelerated plan to pay off sooner, but a home central a/c had to be replace and a lot of my money goes for gasoline. Hope to hear from some of you. If you like write at po box 144682, Austin Tx 78714, cell phone 512-775-0046 and e-mail
God Bless you all,
james hernandez

Janet Hassall (Heinz), Class of '77/78

My name is Janet Hassall (Heinz).  I was in the class of "78", however I managed to graduate in the class of "77".  Go Team!  A couple of years after graduating, I married Brian Bippert (class of "76") and he entered the Air Force.  We spent 4 yrs in Phoenix and returned to SA when he got out.  We later divorced.  I have been with my husband now for 22 years.  My husband is a new home contractor and I am a medic on the ambulance service here.  We live in Princeville, IL which is 20 miles from Peoria.  We have lived here for 21 years and have 2 children.  Justin, (from my previous marriage), is 25, and my daughter Arin is 15 and a sophomore in high school.  I go back to SA at least every 2 yrs to see my father and brother who still live there.  Feel free to contact me about any upcoming events and if I'm in town I will definitely attend.  Have a great day!!!

Jon Marshall, Class of '78

Howdy y'all,
Perhaps you remember me as the boy who had the scraggly goatee and longish bushy hair running around the halls of John Jay.  I figure that if Mrs. Carnahan's impromptu lectures about the dangers of drug abuse upon sight of me are any indication that most of you figured I would end up in prison or worse.  The funny thing is that none of that was true.  I didn’t “really” abuse alcohol or drugs in high school or in university. I bring all of that up to contrast what I did do. I worked for 10 years as a social worker with people with AIDS and older adults in Austin.  Since then, I’ve been living in Busan, South Korea where I’ve taught English as a foreign language for almost 10 years.  I am now the coordinator of the foreign faculty at Pusan National University.
I married a French Canadian woman that I met here and we had a daughter last spring! It’s been fun seeing all of the pictures and recognizing the older faces of all of my classmates.  If I’m in the States for the 25th reunion, I’ll be there. Take care, y’all!
Jon Marshall
P.S.  Would you consider including John Homberger (sp?) on the in memoriam page? He accidentally shot himself in the head during the summer of our sophomore year.  It was quite tragic and upsetting at the time.  He was a good kid who was taken from us too young. I’m sure he would have grown into a fine adult, too. Also, I believe John French died of a brain tumor during our sophomore year. I’m not certain of this, but I’m pretty sure.

Anna Phelps-Richardson, Class of '78

I attended Jay from 74-77, moving away my senior year,(thanks alot Mom and Dad)!  I have been married for almost 24 years and we have 5 children and one fantastic granddaughter. We have lived in Newport News, Va. for the last 16 years where I have been busy keeping up with my family.  Please drop me an email, I would love to catch up with everyone.

John Benavides, Class of '78
I'm living in Dallas, Texas.  Been working for Hewlett Packard for 15 years designing computers (high end servers).  I have three kids (18, 14, and 13). I married a girl I met in college (University of Texas) and we have been married almost 20th years. Time sure passes quickly.

Mike Fritz, Class of '78 (update)
Thanks to hard work on the part of Johnny Villalobos & Co., a VERY good time was had by all at the 25th reunion.
I really enjoyed catching up with long lost classmates:  hope to see the rest of you at the 30th!
Mike Fritz
 - - -
I just retired as an AF Lt Col flying F-16s in Phoenix, and went from the desert to Seattle where I'm checking out as a civilian F/A-22 instructor for Boeing.  Married for 20 years and have two boys, ages 13 and 10. Definitely looking forward to the 25th reunion.
See you there!
Mike Fritz.]

Carl Fraser, Class of '78
 Just a quick update...Carl Fraser Class of '78 has a new email addy.  Email when you get a chance.

Linda Olivarri de-Trinidad, Class of '78
 Hey "Class of 78"  At our 20 year reunion, I laughed at all the ladies that had just had babies! Kept asking could they have a baby at their age? Well,funny how things happen....Guess what condition I found myself after the 20 year reunion? Looking forward to 25 (please no more surprises)
 Linda Olivarri de-Trinidad

Mary (Rollow) Lewis, Class of '78
 We still are in SA.  My husband and I both teach at SWISD.  We don't have kids of our own, but about 50 kids from school have adopted us  as "another set of Parents".  The extracurricular stuff keeps us really busy.  Don't get me started on their achievments, because I'm very  proud of them all!!

Carol Glover Nichols, Class of '78
  Hi everyone,good to hear from  my fellow classmates.Class of 78!I have been married to Derek for 22 years, we have 1 daughter, Caressa  she is 15 and very active in Band, Sports, FFA,  FCA, CRT an was just elected to Americas Who Who  in High school Athletics! As you can see we are  very proud of her! We live in Hondo, Texas, I own  the only Picture Frame Shop in town. I am no  longer that shy girl from high school! Hope to  see you all at the reunion. Until then be safe.
  Carol Glover Nichols

Lyn Martinelli-Bellows, Class of '78 (update)
  Hi guys, Still living in S.A.. I am an 8th grade basic chemistry and Physics teacher, and own a web business. Husband of 14 years still working with animals at Sea World. My son is 7 and in 2nd grade, two belts away from his black belt in Tae Kwan Do. We are very proud. Still helping out somewhat with the Jay Hope Scholarship. Hope all  is well, and will see you at the reunion. good  job Johnny and friends!!

René Hansen Søndergaard, Class of '78
  Hi I was the Danish AFS exchange student '77-'78.  I'm living in Denmark as I have been since I returned from that amazing experience it was  living and attending school with you guys.  I've been married for 20 odd years and have to girls age 14 and 17. The older was in Maine last  year with AFS.  If anybody remember me please send me a note.
  René Hansen (now Søndergaard)

Paul Lewis, Class of '78
  hi everyone, this is paul lewis.  i was in the air force for ten years got out with bad knees.  i am currently in omaha nebraska. i am an  electronic tech currently working for company called surftable.  we developed the v-chip that is in your tvs.  I have been with Becky Ralls for
about a year now we are very happy together.  met again through the classmates email. we will be coming to the reunion together.

Mark Wyss, Class of '78
Still living in SA.  I work for a company that builds automatic test equipment.  Current project is with the US NAvy for a jet engine tester.  I have been married for 18 1/2 years and have two girls, the oldest is 5 1/2 the youngest is 3. They are a hand full.  I look forward to hearing
from anyone that remembers who I am.Mark


Bobby Vardeman, Class of '78 - (update)
 I'm now living in Columbus, Ohio, working as the Quality Assurance Manager for a software firm. My address is 2937 Berry Lane Court, Columbus, OH 43231. Looking forward to the 25th Reunion.

Howard Marshburn, Class of '78
 Sorry I missed you at the 20th  Reunion, but these things happen. I am currently working for Honeywell International, Inc. in Houston. That is my home base, but I tend to be on the road quite a bit. I am the Director of Engineering for the Americas, and that keeps me on the move. I also have a one year old daughter who is the love of my life. I would like to hear from you if you are gathering to celebrate 25 years. I can be reached at this e-mail address, or via snail mail at:
 Howard Marshburn,P.O.Box 980332, Houston, TX
 77098. I look forward to hearing from you.

Chris Masters, Class of '78
 Hey it's Chris Masters. I still live in San Antonio. I am a single mother of 2- one girl and one boy. I am an office Manager for a Contracting Co.

Debbie Webb Saavedra, Class of '75
 I still live her in good ole San Antonio. Married with 3 kids Celeste 24, Clinton 20, and Justin 17. I am currently an RN Nurse Manager at Methodist Hospital Neuroscience Unit. My daughter is a graduate of Marshall High School and Arizona State Univ., CLinton is a graduate of O'Connor High School and is attending SWT. Justin is a junior at O'Connor and is on the swim and water polo team. Would love to hear from any classmates!

Rick Castilleja, Class of '78
 Hey you guys!
 Time to celebrate! The Varsity Basketball team just won the state 5A championship!  I was watching the game at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin with my wife and the game was awesome.  That last shot was the best.  We were sitting in the Kimball section and I never seen a party come to an end so fast.  Please do some kind of tribute on your website.  It may be the only chance you get because the football team sure as to hell is not going  to get it done.  We are all so happy and so you should be.
 John Jay-Boys Basketball State 5A Champions 2002
 Rick Castilleja
 John Jay Graduating Class of 1978
 Post Script: "Kevin Pies and Wes Tart look very funny in the reunion pictures!"

Jesse Cabrerra, Class of '78
  Hey all! I joined the USAF at 19 and went to Bergrstrom for four years, then to Osan AB, Korea  for a year. Settled at Davis Monthan AFB  (Tucson,AZ) and have been here ever since. Worked for Dept. of Health Services, then, Dept. of Corrections and finally Post Office. They  "disable retired" me April 2001, hurt my shoulder at work. So I'm goin crazy being a "stay home dad", but I coach my 11 y.o.'s soccer team and my 9 y.o. daughter does soccer too! So I keep busy. I saw the "memoriam" page and was very sad, as I knew several of our classmates. I hope to get to S.A. for the next reunion "if" someone lets me know about it!!  Jesse Cabrera Class of 1978

Rhonda Yawn, Class of '78
  I am living just outside of Washington D.C. in Maryland. I am currently a stay at home mom of a 13 y.o. and 2 y.o. and I do interior design part time.

Wayde Pittman, Class of '78
  Living in England now & working as a lawyer.
  Cheers all,

Carl Fraser, Class of '78
  After spending 12 years in the USAF, I moved out east.  I live in Lancaster, Pa with my wife and 3 children.  I'm a VP for a graphics company in York, PA.
    I have not been back to San Antonio, as of yet, for a reunion but I do plan on attending the next one. Best of luck!  If anyone remembers me, please send an email!

Bill Ogle, Class of '78
  Bill Ogle here.
  Finished 21 years in the Navy last year and am living in Hampton Virginia now. I am on my second marriage now, have three kids from the first marriage. I am working as an Engineering Analyst at Newport News Shipbuilding, overhauling and building aircraft carriers.  I look forward to being able to be in touch with some of our classmates and being able to be contacted about any future reunions.
  Thanks, I recognized many names of the reunion commitee.

Tisha Talamatez Bandi, Class of '78
  I am currently working as an Examiner for Chubb Group. I have two kids and have been married for almost 16 years.  I'm living in Peoria, Az (just outside of Phoenix). I'd love to hear from some of my old classmates. I will definitely be there for the 25th Reunion. Have a
  Happy New Year.

Russell Galloway, Class of '76
  Living in Longview, Texas. Married 20+ years, with three children. Looking for Louis Wayne Correa who I haven't seen in at least 20 years.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Carl Fraser, Class of '78
  I joined the US Airforce in 1979 and spent 12 years traveling near and far.  I now live in Lancaster, PA with my lovely wife and children. My oldest daughter is Kristin then follows Shawnie and Devin my son.  Its hard to belive I'm now 40.  Maybe thats the reason I am searching for my friends of yester year.  As I sit here and write this short paragraph and listen to "Dust in the wind", I relive the great times we all had at Jay!  Please keep me in mind for the next reunion since I've unfortunately missed the last ones.
  Best wishes,

Rick Castilleja, Class of '78
  I am still in San Antonio presently teaching at Carlos Coon Elementary (NISD). I have a son and am getting divorced soon.  It feels weird to have gained 75 pounds and lose all of my long hair.  Any one familiar say "hi" sometime.  Maybe one day the Mustangs will make the football playoffs again.  "Go Mustangs"

De De Browen, Class of '75
 Howdy! I'm from the class of '75 I live in Goldsboro, NC.  Single parent of 2  wonderful teens. I wear any hats, webmaster of many websites including Piggly Wiggly stores in our area.  I am currently working with the 2000 Census.  did you fill yours out? I'm a born again Christian, love to sing solo and with my children. I graduated as De De Browen and lived on Buckboard Lane.  I would love to hear from others from our class as well as others who went to Jay. I would love to share some of the ways Jesus has changed my life.  Radically!
 De Strang
 bad bad De De Browen

Susan Smith Simonsen, Class of '78
  1215 S Blanchard St.
  Findlay Ohio 45840
  3 children
  Married 18 yrs
  Music pastors

Jay Daniel, Class of '78
  I live in Charlotte, North Carolina with my family.  My wife, Ellen, and I have three wonderful boys:  Blake (10), Collin (9), and Taylor (5).  After graduating from Jay I went to St. Mary's and then moved to Dallas to get an MBA from SMU.  I joined the old NCNB bank in Dallas, aka NationsBank, aka Bank of America.  They relocated me to Charlotte about 4 years ago.  I  miss Texas, but it's a nice family town out here.

James B. Carrico (Brian), Class of '78
  I am living in Canyon Lake, Texas, North of San Antonio.  In the interim I have been in the USAF and worked in the nuclear industry.  Presently I am a computer programmer in Austin.  I am also a member of Cornerstone Church. We have three children, one girl, 20, two boys ages 13 and 8. We just became grandparents in September '99.  I haven't been able to come to the reunions, but would like to attend anything that may come up later.

Rene Galloway Gaytan, Class of '78 -
  Hi, I didn't make any of the reunions due to one reason or another.  My name is Rene Galloway Gaytan and I graduated in 1978.  I live in Ft.  Worth, Texas now working as a Software Systems Analyst for a telecommunications company.  I am  married and have 3 children.

Dean Saunders, Class of '77 -
  Hi, I actually graduated in 77, however soon  after, I left San Antonio and haven't really been  back since.  Unfortuatly I've missed every  reunion but I would like to get to the next one.  If you have any information about the class of  77, such as a web page, could you please let me  know.
  Dean S.


Mary Sattler, Class of '78 -
  Hi everyone.  I'm still single. I have been working at Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio for the last 14 years.  We do a lot of  sub-contracting for NASA.  We will be launching a satellite (IMAGE) in february of 2000, SwRI is the lead team on this project.  Well enough about  work.  Anyone that remembers me or my brothers,  Julio or Nelson please get in contact.  Bye.

Pamela Patton Bridges, Class of '78 -
  Sorry I missed the 20th Reunion.  I know that Michelle Kasavage Smith went and had a wonderful time.  I've looked at the pictures from the  reunion and it looks as if everyone had a great time too.  I have been up here in North Texas for 11 years now and I really love it.  I live just  outside of town in the country.  We are only a couple of miles from Lake Ray Roberts (if you know the area).  We are about 40 miles north of  Dallas up I35.  It was so good to see pictures of my old classmates. Since I wasn't at the reunion I will tell briefly what I am up to.  I now have three children ages 18, 12 and 6.  My daughter Misty is a college sophomore now.  Alex is going into the 7th grade in the fall and Andrew will be going into 1st grade.  I currently work as a teacher aide for Sanger Alternative school working with troubled kids.  I love the work!  My husband John (Bubba) and I are coming up on our 20th anniversary this Sept.  I would love to hear from some old
  friends.  Take care.

Bobby Vardeman, Class of '78 -  (See updated info above)
  Update... the Vardemans have returned from Germany and are alive and well in Tallassee, Alabama.  Take care and stay in touch!  Bobby

Lyn Martinelli Bellows, Class of '78 -
  I still live in S.A.. I am a high school marketing teacher now. Who wudda thought? My husband is an animal trainer at Sea World, I have a three year old son, and many Sea Lions. I hope to hear from all of you regarding  the scholarship fund. This is a good thing and we need your help. Thanks.

Greg Wright, class of '77 -
  I Am the all time class clown. 1977. My name is greg wright aka "spoiler #1" Those who know me love me, those who met me wish they knew me, I am now known as the " chick magnet" amoung my piers. Spelling was always a poor subject for me but I excelled in band and health.

Bob DuPriest, Class of '75 -
 Looking for friends from classes of '74, '75, and '76 !! Send me a note!

Reuben Trejo, Class of '77 -
 Hello "Class of 78",
 Have been looking over your web page and cannot believe how everybody looks great. Lavon Light hooked us up to your site.  Mitch is trying to put things together for the "Class of 77". Have alot of friends that I know from your class, and I hope to hear from each one of you. If I can be of any help to you all, please contact me. I helped put together our 10 year reunion, and have pictures from that as well as a video I put together.Hope to hear from you soon.
 Reuben A. Trejo   "Class of 77"

Ken Spang, Class of '77 -
 Was nice to see some faces from the past on the 78 homepage. Since I left in 77 I've retired from the Air Force and then moved back to San Antonio. Married, second time, have two 18 years daugthers and a five year son. Plan on living here for a while. I'm in the book so call if you wish.

Mitch Lueck, Class of '77 -
 Mitch Lueck , John Jay Class of 77 here.  I would like to tell you what a great job you have done on the Class of 78 page! I'm the ex next door neighbor of Dennis Dupriest, keeper of the Jay class of 70 page.  I'm still searching for that class of 77 page! It's nice to have a source of info being I'm up here in the land of no degrees. (Albany, NY area)
 Great job!
 ~Mitch Lueck  Class of 77
 146 Springbrook
 Clifton Park, NY

Lynda Blanton Palmer, Class of '78  -
  After twenty years, I'm still in San Antonio.  We  live in Silver Creek.  I have a daughter,  Brooke.  She's 15 and a sophomore at Taft.  I work  for Southwest Immunodiagnostics, Inc. and Immuno  D, Inc., two local medical laboratories specializing in pre- and post-transplant testing.  In 1997, I was promoted to Chief Financial Officer.  In February 1999, I will have been there 14 years. I was able to visit with some of you at The Hyatt after the game.  I had a really great time.  Thanks.  Sorry that I missed the rest. Maybe next time.  Please keep in touch.  It would be  nice to here from you.

Malcom Bradford, Class of '78 -
  Malcolm M.Bradford
  Special Agent, Naval Criminal Investigative Service, Camp Pendleton, CA
  Gunnery Sergeant, USMC (17 plus years)
  Married, four kids (19,16,14 year old girls and a 11 year old son)
  Currently resides in San Clemente, CA,
  Wish I could have been there.  I will be at the next one for sure.  Plan to retire in San Antonio during Dec2001.
  Will see you all then if not sooner.

Emilie Oefinger Rogers, Class of '78  -
  I live in Colorado.  I am married to Bob Rogers and had 1 daughter named Rebecca who is 3 years old.  I am working part time as a school psychologist.